Connecticut Man Dies After Slipping and Falling In Restaurant Parking Lot.

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A property owner has a duty to keep their property safe for others.  Part of that duty is maintaining a safe walking space, especially if you are a public area commonly visited by hundreds of people, such as a restaurant, store or supermarket. Slip, trip and fall claims include such incidents of all types, including: slips on food and foreign substances in restaurants and supermarkets; trips over badly aligned sidewalk edges and other dangerous surfaces; and falls down stairs that are in poor condition, inadequately lighted or not built to code.  A building owner’s liability also extends to publically accessible areas outside of the building, such as a parking lot.

While a slip and fall may not sound overly dangerous, fluke incidents do occur.  If a person, even one who is otherwise healthy and without infirmity, lands awkwardly or hits their neck or head, serious injury or even death can occur.  Lorenzo Cucciniello was unfortunately one such incident.  The twenty-four-year-old man was leaving a restaurant in Hamden, Connecticut when he reportedly slipped in the parking lot.  Police were then called to the Andale Restaurant after guests reported seeing a man fall in the parking lot and not get up afterwards.

When emergency crews arrived, Cucciniello was unconscious and non-responsive.  He was transported to the Yale-New Haven Hospital with life-threatening injuries where he would tragically die just two days later.  Medical examiners are currently determining the precise cause of death, but officials told that Cucciniello struck the back of his head when he fell and that there were no other apparent injuries.  If the restaurant failed to maintain a safe parking lot, i.e., there was ice or they failed to promptly remove an oil spill, they may be liable under Connecticut law for Cucciniello’s death and ordered to pay his family damages if they filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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