Couple Awarded $7.5 Million After Slip and Fall at Starbucks.

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In 2009, Anthony Zaccaglin and his wife Lisa filed a claim against Starbucks after Mr. Zaccaglin slipped and fell in one of their stores in San Diego, California. After placing his order, Zaccaglin slipped while walking to the pickup counter, hitting his head on the cash register. Zaccaglin alleged that, as a result of his injuries, he is no longer able to work as a chiropractor, and that his medication causes bad headaches and extreme fatigue. Mrs. Zaccaglin also filed suit for loss of consortium, namely the loss of companionship and love from her husband. As she stated: “he’s nothing like he used to be and he will never be the same”.

The jury agreed with the Zaccaglins’ claims and awarded Mr. Zaccaglin nearly $6.5 million for his medical expenses, loss of earning capacity and pain and suffering, as well as awarding Mrs. Zaccaglin $1 million for her loss of consortium. Starbucks had offered a $100,000 settlement to Mr. Zaccaglin; he did not agree to that proposal, however, said Mr. Zaccaglin’s lawyer, John Gomez.

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