Dallas, Texas Woman Awarded Over $1 Million in Personal Injury Damages For Slip and Fall Injuries.

Property owners have an obligation and duty to maintain safe premises. This duty often extends to not only the property itself, but also to the sidewalks and walkways immediately nearby. This is especially true if the property is a business which has the sole purpose of attracting guests. A hotel is a good example. When a hotel fails to provide a safe environment for its guests, they may be sued for all of the damages that they cause.

Marriott International Inc. and Courtyard Management Corp. are aware of this potential for liability after a guest injured herself on one of their walkways. Fifty-four-year-old Brenda Alcala was a guest at the Courtyard by Marriott Bettendorf when she encountered an icy private sidewalk. Alcala slipped on the ice and fell onto the sidewalk, shattering her right ankle. Her injuries required two surgeries, and Alcala now walks with a permanent limp. She experiences chronic pain, which makes long distance travel nearly impossible. This caused Alcala to have to change careers, at a considerable pay cut, so she would not be required to travel frequently.

Her attorney, Mike Bush, told qctimes.com that he tracked down two other guests who testified that the sidewalk and surrounding area was covered in ice, making it difficult to walk safely. Alcala was able to effectively argue that the hotel was negligent by not maintaining a safe walkway, and a local jury awarded her $1.2 million in damages for her pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Have you been injured from a slip-and-fall on someone else’s property? If so, you may be able to recover for a wide variety of personal injury damages and expenses, but you’ll need an expert attorney to help guide you through the complexities of a civil trial. To contact one of our expert Massachusetts slipand fall injury attorneys, please call 617-787-3700 at any time of day. 

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