Florida Appeals Court Rules You Cannot Blame High Heels For Slip And Fall Injuries.

Slip and fall accidents account for more than one million emergency hospital room visits each year. Although serious slip and fall accidents are most common among persons aged fifty-five and older, young people are not immune to slip and fall injuries. Slip and falls can be caused by a number of factors, including snow and ice, spilled food and drinks, and otherwise unkempt public walkways. Home and business owners have a duty to lawful guests to maintain their property with a reasonable degree of care to ensure slip and falls and other accident do not occur.

A Florida Appeals Court overruled a lower court judge’s ruling that a woman was partially to blame for her slip and fall accident because she was wearing high heels at the time of her fall. Jennifer Bongiorno slipped and fell on a slippery bathroom floor at an office building where she worked. Her lawsuit was filed against Americorp, where she worked, claiming the bathroom was unreasonably slippery, and caused her slip and fall accident and her subsequent injuries.

The Circuit Judge overseeing the case ruled that Americorp and Bongiorno were both equally liable for the injuries. The basis for this was Ms. Bongiorno’s high-heeled footwear. According to the judge’s ruling, she could have avoided the fall by wearing safer footwear. At the time of her fall, she was wearing four to five inch heels. The Appeals Court quickly rejected this idea that a woman could be contibutorily negligent for a slip and fall because of her footwear, overturning the decision.

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