Hip Replacement Needed After Woman Slips and Falls on Grocery Store Floor in California.

When you imagine a place that a negligence injury might take place, your first thoughts might involve a construction site or some other dangerous work environment.  While your instincts may indeed point to a particular facet of personal injury law, that line of thinking excludes another very common type of personal injury accident: slip and fall incidents.  The distinctive quality in slip and fall accidents is that they can happen literally anywhere.  From grocery stores, to hotels and casinos, to your own doorstep, slip and fall accidents frequently cause serious, long-lasting injuries.

Determining the value of a slip, trip and fall injury claim is very difficult, particularly at the beginning of medical treatment or just after the accident happens. At that early stage, it is harder to determine what value the court should place on the injuries suffered.  One of the major obstacles in these circumstances is that insurance companies often dispute the extent to which their insured was responsible for your slip and fall injuries.  Another critical factor that affects the monetary value of these cases is the amount of available insurance coverage or assets to satisfy any potential judgment or settlement amount. There is also a statute of limitation in many states that bars plaintiffs from bringing slip and fall lawsuits after a certain period of time has gone by.

In 2009, Ms. Amy Jong was shopping at the 99 Ranch Market in Dublin, California.  According to lawyersandsettlements.com the 99 Ranch Market is a subsidiary of Welcome Market, Inc.  Jong was looking into an open-top refrigerator unit when she suddenly slipped and fell on an unidentified liquid.  As a result of the fall, Jong underwent reconstructive surgery just one day later. However, she subsequently developed necrosis in her hip joint, which led to a full hip replacement.

After being put through the aggravation of surgery and physical rehabilitation, Jong filed a lawsuit against Welcome Market, alleging that it failed to adequately inspect the premises. She further contended that the floor was excessively slippery.  After deliberating, a California jury awarded her $1,077,063.

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