Man Receives $28,000 After Slip And Fall Injuries Outside Post Office.

Slip and falls account for over 1 million of the hospital visits in the United States each year; they are the leading cause of emergency room visits and the primary cause for missed work days.  Slip and fall accidents can cause a number of injuries, including knee injuries, shattered bones, muscle and ligament injuries, neck injuries, and scarring.  If another party is liable for the dangerous conditions that caused the slip and fall, these accidents can turn into personal injury cases.  A person may not only recover for medical bills, but also for the loss of income resulting from missed work due to treatment and recuperation.

Glen Guy was visiting a city post office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when he slipped on the steps leading down to the mailboxes.  The steps, which were maintained by the post office, were covered with ice.  After falling backwards, Guy hit his head and was unconscious for over a minute.  He was then transferred by ambulance to the hospital where he was treated for a pneumothorax fracture and rib fractures.  Additionally, he had to have a chest tube inserted on his right side.

According to, Guy filed a personal injury claim against the United States Postal Service and the United States of America.  Guy stated that the Postal Service breached its duty of care when they failed to remove the ice from its steps and provide a safe environment for customers visiting the post office.  He initially sought $150,000 in compensatory damages, but the judge awarded him $28,000.  Adrian J. Moody, of Moody & Shields Group, represented Guy.

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