A Galveston, Texas Woman Sues Restaurant for Slip and Fall Injuries.

On November 7, 2013, Barbara London of Galveston, Texas filed a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit, in which she alleged that she slipped and fell in the Sudie’s Catfish-Seafood House as a result of the defendants’ negligence in maintaining the premises in a safe conditions for the invitees.

Two years ago, London visited Sudie’s for a meal at lunchtime. London claims that while she was walking past the cash register, she slipped and fell on a slippery floor.  She claims that she did not know that the floor was wet and there were no caution signs suggesting that the floor was wet.  The manager allegedly approached her after she had fallen, and he apologized, while holding up a wet floor sign.  He apologized because the floor had recently been waxed.  London claims that she was not in any way negligent or contribute to her own slip and fall injuries.

London is suing both Sudie’s and its parent companies.  She feels the defendants breached their duty of care, when they did not tell her of the unreasonably dangerous condition of the floor. While specific physical injuries have not been included in the initial complaint, London claims to have endured physical and mental impairment, pain and suffering, and expenses as a result of the slip and fall accident.

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