Skate Injury Victim Files Lawsuit for Premises Liability Personal Injury Damages.

A woman from Batavia, Ohio has filed a slip, trip and fall personal injury lawsuit. In her complaint, she names Skateworld of Kettering as a defendant and claims that it caused the personal injuries that the woman sustained after falling on their roller rink.

On October 30, 2013, the personal injury negligence lawsuit was filed for the damages that the plaintiff allegedly sustained after falling on the defendant company’s premises.  According to the plaintiff, she was trying to use a device that assists skaters in moving onto the rink, which allegedly caused her to trip and fall. She says the device was defective.

The woman maintains that she fell very hard and severely injured her arm.  She contends that she sustained serious and long-term personal injuries to her wrist, arm, forearm, hand, elbow and fingers as a result of the defendant’s negligence. The woman further alleges that the injuries to these body parts will cause permanent impairment to her physical functioning.

In her complaint, the plaintiff also claims that the device she was using did not contain instructions or warnings as to its dangerousness if it was not used in the correct way.  She complains that Skateworld had the responsibility to warn its customers of the potential dangers of using the device.

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